Senin, 21 Januari 2013

Modifikasi Yamaha Nouvo Z increase Stroke without gaskets

characteristics of the engine is lighter out, easily legible through the addition of almu thick gasket under the cylinder. But to play standaran class racing straight night, forbidden to use a thick gasket.
Applied Yamaha Nouvo Z 2005 owned by Vincent Wijaya from Jl. VIII Taman Sari, West Jakarta. Machine looks like a standard, but accelerated dashed. 

Gambar Yamaha Nouvo Z buat Balap Liar
use a pen stroke 3 mm. In order not to damage the crankshaft and easy to work. The total increase in stroke of 6 mm plus 57.9 mm standard piston step. Happens to 63.9 mm.

But that are not easily broken, the piston head side to be made mendem. Or lower 0.3 mm from the surface of the block.

CBR150 piston used artificial Hi Speed. Have a diameter of 66 mm. "The capacity of the cylinder produced a 218.5 cc engine," explained Otoy the open B-Nana Racing workshop on Jl.Pademangan 2, No. 131, North Jakarta.

But there was something strange. Class standaran usually allowed to use foreignparts department standard. Like the carburetor also must use a standard that is still a vacuum Nouvo.

But, in this Nouvo use carburetors instead of PE. Its size is big too, which is 32 mm. Get off at the standard class opponent certainly will not want to.

Yamaha Nouvo Z use Domination Part from Thailand

Unexpected if the engine innards Vincent's Nouvo-Z is widely used part of Thailand Thai alias. Among a set of head and its contents, which have returned aftermarket high lift. As well as a spooler for crutch-as Nouvo-Z who trafficked directly from the land of white elephant.

"Even in the CVT components such as belts, rollers, pulleys, centrifugal clutchalso taken directly from there. Tidaak miss racing exhaust new model for this motor, also buy direct from there.Anyway the model is different, "says Vincent who would like to open a store rencananyajuga variation called Vincent's RacingGallery in the near future.

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