Senin, 21 Januari 2013

ModifikaHonda BeAt Custom Chassis Frame

Motor Drag Honda BeAt Modified by Tomo Speed Shop and Driven by Syaiful Cibef, M. Ramzi and Imam Ceper. success on the podium 1, 2 and 3 classes matic to 150 cc. It happened on the mat YSS DID Drag Bike TDR 2011 series 2 on the circuit Lanud Juanda, Surabaya.
Motor Drag Honda BeAT Custom Chassis.
This Honda BeAt Willing to deal with classmates who skubek frame construction is almost like aluminum and titanium. Moreover, the standard framework Honda BeAt only 2 kilogram heavier when compared to alteration. Because the framework of the center to the back of the iron pipe is replaced, is also more flat though good for a jockey / driver. HONDA BEAT order just Cutting the tail and is still too high.

Tomo Experience in the arena Balap Motor Drag or straight racing Drag Bikes Race has given him the lessons and new experiences. He said, it all depends on engine settings, the weight of jockeys and their expertise full throtle starting time of gas. setting the engine torque prefers the middle to the top. This view of three jockeys/driver who weighs an average of no more than 39 kg.

The key is in the magnet. When using magnets passed him, beneath fierce, but it is less.Because of light weight jockey. Use this setting can be made low compression. Although not measured, Tomo admitted only make the gap 58 mm piston head and stroke Honda Sonic standards, inlet 0.5 mm. Medium dome umbrella valve to be reset for 24/28 mm diameter Honda Sonic can free up and down.
Korek Mesin Motor Drag Honda BeAt.
Valve movement in and out itself is set back from Thailand with customized setting. According to Tomo, the duration is not measured but high-waist lift of 25 mm and 19 mm. No doubt fuel gas supplied to the nozzle karburator Honda NSR SP28 42/120. Gas burns more precision dipantik standard ignition timingand ignition curve is set CDI Thailand.Exhaust gas residual fuel removed TSS Exhaust Brand.

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